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Discover Barcelona’s most booked Organic Spray Tan!

Get glowing with the Signature Coco Bronce Spray Tan.

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Our Signature Coco Bronce spray tan will make you shine.

Hello Tan, Hello Self confidence Next Level!

Coco Bronce is the number one Mobile Spray Tanning company in Barcelona. For years already our team has served Barcelona’s prettiest people with that perfect bronzed look. Suntanning is so 90s. Save your skin and get glowing with our stain free airbrush spray tan. Say bye to tanning lines, burned skin, pigmentation and uneven tans! Forever!

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Our Services

Fancy a healthy tan and a beautiful glow? Our Signature Coco Bronce spray tan will make you shine. Hello tan, hello self confidence next level!

Time is as precious as your beauty. That’s why Coco Bronce comes to you within the Barcelona area. Save time on commuting to a salon back and forward and enjoy your magic spray tan in the convenience of your own house.

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How long will my spray tan last?

Our spray tan lasts up to 8-10 days. However, it depends on your aftercare. Avoid exfoliation and frequent showers or swims. Apply daily an oil free moisturizer to prolong the duration of your tan.

Can my skin turn orange?

Don’t worry! You will be very satisfied with your beautiful glow. Our team has been working for years on developing perfect skin matching shades. Every spray tan will be customized to your skin tone and your wishes.

When should I shower after my spray tan?

We recommend to shower approximately 8 hours after your treatment. If you fancy a very light tan you can take your first shower after 4 hours. If you fancy a very deep tan you can wait up to 16 hours after your treatment before hitting the shower. We don’t recommend sleeping with your spray tan on

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