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Coco Bronce started to make you love your body even more. Sun tanning is bad for the skin but having a tan does make us look better and more confident.

At Coco Bronce we believe in taking care of our skin. Suntanning can cause premature aging, pigmentation and unfortunately melanomas. Our body is our temple, and we should take care of it in the best way. However, when you are tanned you feel stronger and happier and your beautiful outfit sparks just a little extra. Spray tanning is an amazing way of tanning your body naturally and safely.

At Coco Bronce we have been searching for years to find the perfect spray tan solution. Two years ago we found exactly what we have been looking for. Our formulas are natural and can be customized to fit every skin tone. We all deserve to look like rock stars.

Time is as precious as your beauty. That’s why Coco Bronce comes to you. Save time on commuting to a salon back and forward and enjoy your magic spray tan in the convenience of your own house. We serve you in the Barcelona area.

Simply reach out to us if you live outside Barcelona and we can see if our team can come to your place. Our therapist will bring everything you need for your perfect tan; all you need to take care of is a little space to set up our mobile spray tan cabin. Once the job is done your place will look like nothing ever happened, just your mirror will smile at you a bit more. Our advanced spray tan formula dries very quickly, and you won’t be bothered with any mess or staining.

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Get glowing with our Signature Coco Bronce Spray Tan

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