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Fancy a healthy tan and a beautiful glow? Our Signature Coco Bronce spray tan will make you shine. Hello tan, hello self confidence next level!

Coco Bronce is the number one Mobile Spray Tanning company in Barcelona. For years already our team has served Barcelona’s prettiest people with that perfect bronzed look. Suntanning is so 90s. Save your skin and get glowing with our stain free airbrush spray tan. Say bye to tanning lines, burned skin, pigmentation and uneven tans! Forever!

Your magic shade guarantee!

Do you visualize carrots when you think of spray tanning? That is very 90s too. Our Barcelona team has been working for years on developing perfect skin matching shades. Every spray tan will be customized to your skin tone and your wishes. Whether you want to hit the beach in a deep bronzed tan or a little glow for that important job interview; we will get the job done. You will simply look fabulous! The Signature Coco Bronce spray tan is available for all skin types and skin colors.

Are you a busy go-getter? We got you! Coco Bronce comes to you!

Time is as precious as your beauty. That’s why Coco Bronce comes to you within the Barcelona area. Save time on commuting to a salon back and forward and enjoy your magic spray tan in the convenience of your own house. Our therapist will bring everything you need for your perfect tan; all you need to take care of is a little space to set up our mobile spray tan cabin. Once the job is done your place will look like nothing ever happened, just your mirror will smile at you a bit more. Our advanced spray tan formula dries very quickly and you won’t be bothered with any mess or staining.

In Barcelona for a holiday or a business trip? We got you girl! You can book our services also in your favorite hotel. No matter where you are in Barcelona, we get you tanned!

Your skin deserves to get spoiled!

Our spray tans are enriched with the original Argan Oil. The oil is equipped with naturally and ethically sourced ingredients creating a nourished, radiant skin with an all over sunkissed glow. The formula features powerful antioxidants such as organic Roseship Oil, Aloe Vera and other premium ingredients to ensure your body will enjoy a deep, rich, long-lasting and natural looking tan.

The formula is oil-free, quick-drying and paraben and PEG free. The spray tan leaves your skin intensely soft and hydrated.

A spray tan for everyone

The Signature Coco Bronce spray tan is for everyone. Our line offers a selection of shades to suit every desire: from deep, ash browns to rich violet bronzers that adapt perfectly to the skin and skin tone of each person. With Coco Bronce you are ensured of a perfect, exotic result that looks and feels fresh. Hello confidence booster.

The advantages of a spray tan

We all love long days on a beach bed but unfortunately sun tanning is not good for your skin and can even be potentially dangerous. A healthy tan can only be called healthy when it’s a spray tan. Because simply said, too UV exposure is not healthy.

Spray tan has a lot of benefits. Your gorgeous golden tan is completed in only 15 minutes, you won’t be bothered by any tanning lines, and you can choose the shade of your dream tan. Also, with a spray tan you can keep your ‘healthy’ tan all year round and you can adapt your shade to the season.

Barcelona is the city of the sun and whilst most people love tanning here, more and more people opt now for spray tan. Love your skin.

Get ready for your spray tan

To get a flawless result it’s important to prepare your skin for the spray tan.

step: 01

Exfoliate that gorgeous body. Spend a bit more time on areas with thicker skin, like ankles and elbows. Preferably you plan your exfoliation 6-24 hours before the treatment.

Step: 02

Shave or wax 24-48 hours before your treatment. It’s important to not shave or wax within 24 hours prior to your treatment as this will leave your pores open.

Step: 03

Shower several hours before your appointment and rinse off with cold water to close the pores.

Step: 04

Don’t apply moisturizers, body lotion, perfume and make-up before the appointment. Also remove all jewelry.

Step: 05

Make sure to have a loose fitting outfit ready which you can wear after your spray tan to avoid staining.

Step: 06

Let your body dry for at least 10 minutes after your spray tan, before dressing up.

Tip:  important event coming up? Our therapists recommend to plan your spray tan 2 days before the big day so the body can adjust to the tan and you will shine insanely beautiful.

Coco Bronce Treatment

Get glowing with our Signature Coco Bronce Spray Tan

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Post care Spray tan tips

We want you to have the very best results! Therefor, it’s important to take notice of the following advices:

  • Don’t shower for at least 8 hours following your treatment. For a deeper tan you can postpone your shower up to 12 hours.
  • Avoid exercise or any activity that makes you sweat until you showered off the spray tan.
  • Avoid hot tubs or chlorine-containing pools until you showered off the spray tan.
  • When you wash off your spray tan make sure to not use any face cloth and don’t scrub your skin.
  • After the shower pat yourself dry very gently and don’t rub.
  • Moisturize your skin, with an oil free moisturizer, daily to enjoy your tan for a longer time of period.
  • Avoid exfoliation until you are ready to take off your golden glow.

Now you have the most beautiful glow of your dreams! Your tan will last between 8-10 days depending on your activity level. Remember that frequent showers and swimming will make the tan faint quicker. The golden hour is yours!

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